Cassettes - Brainwashed California / The Roobydocks / Meat Dreams


Image of Cassettes - Brainwashed California / The Roobydocks / Meat Dreams

THE ROOBYDOCKS (CLE) sound like Australian murder punk. They recently released a 7" off My Minds Eye Records, so get a copy of that if haven't already! Members of BULSCH, PERVERTS AGAIN, CRUELSTER and some other new gen Clevo-core bands. One of the wilder bands playing the Cleveland punk scene today.

BRAINWASHED CALIFORNIA (CLE) sounds like Reagan-era snotty dumb punk. It's a Cleveland mutant cult family band trying to get you to join their all encompassing love of everything completely stupid. It's Paul (BRAINWASHED YOUTH) meets Terry (MR CALIFORNIA) plus the lovely Meggie, and although 2/3 of the members err on the older side of the punk scene, there's never been a more childish band to dance to that side of the lake.

The MEAT DREAMS (Western Mass) release is a reissue of their amazing demo cassette from last year. It sounds like a crazier and angrier UROCHROMES but give it a listen for yourself - it's all up on the BLOW BLOOD BANDCAMP