Cassettes - Soakie "Demo", BB & The Blips "Demo"


Image of Cassettes - Soakie "Demo",  BB & The Blips "Demo"

SOAKIE "DEMO" (Melbourne, Australia)
Wild and blistering snot punk, with a mix of people from the US and NZ living in Australia! Bratty and stupid and kicking your butt!

BB & THE BLIPS "DEMO" (Sydney, Australia)
"Back in the early days of 2018, Sydney’s BB and the Blips dropped a demo that carried immediacy and urgency that was (and is) hard to ignore. Fronted by UK expat Bryony Beynon (who also plays in NASHO) and also featuring members of Tim & The Boys and Basic Human, the crew of malcontents forced their way onto the scene with a speedy, gnashing brand of punk....The demo doesn’t mince words – it is direct and too the point and doesn’t skulk behind gimmick. BB screams herself hoarse across six tracks, her vocals rising above the hook-laden cacophony of the Blips, which alternates between a diesel-fuelled grind and a pointed riff-off. BB and the Blips is the kind of ferocious pack you’d stay away from in the playground – they’re likely to steal your lunch money. I’m not kidding, track number one ‘Omnia’ features the lyrics “Just give me your money / I want your money”. I never have much on me, but my pockets are empty after this assault.
The rest of the collection touches briefly on a quick procession of subjects, falling on different points of the bleakness scale. BB throws scorn towards the future (and the penal system) in ‘Corrections’ (“hope is a prison / no more prisons”), Australia’s inhumane treatment of minorities and ‘outsiders’ in ‘Lucky Country’ (“they got it in for me” and “got no hope, postal vote, those stand-up blokes will sink the boats”), and the rise of technology and automation in our everyday lives in ‘Cyborg’. It’s a lot to take in – especially in such a short runtime – but as an early indicator its clear that BB and the Blips have got a lot going for them. This demo is a furnace that threatens to spill fire beyond its confines. I’m looking forward to being present when it does."
- James Frostick, Weirdowasteland