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BB001 - EEL "Live in Cleveland" Tape
BB002 - Masses "Horde Mentality" 7"
BB003 - Substance Abuse "Demo" Tape
BB004 - Scab Eater "s/t" 7"
BB005 - Unpeople "Demo" Tape
BB006 - Caucasoid "Demo" Tape
BB007 - Grotto "Pink Sock" Demo Tape
BB008 - Vanilla Poppers "Demo" tape
"Stranded In Cleveland OH" mixtape (for SIMH#9)
BB010 - Vanilla Poppers "Tour" Cassette
BB017 - The Cowboy "S/T" LP (tape release)
BB018 - The Sight "Demo" tape
BB019 - No Blues "Demo" tape

Stitches In My Head fanzine #1-#8 (email if you're after PDF's)
Gals In Aussie Punk, Calendar 2015
Women In Toronto Punk, Calendar 2017